A True Riverfront Community for the City of Coquitlam


Mayor o Coquitlam Richard Stewart
Words Beedie Living

“To be reconnected with the river that we haven’t been able to touch for so long makes a really big difference to the feeling of history and heritage in our community.”

– Mayor Richard Stewart

Situated on 96 acres of prime waterfront land, Fraser Mills is Coquitlam’s first and only waterfront community. Filled with anticipatory energy, Mayor of Coquitlam Richard Stewart spoke about the City’s excitement for its newest neighbourhood, sharing what Fraser Mills means for Coquitlam and for its future. As he emphasized, this is the first time in the city’s history that a community will touch the water, which, in his words, really means a lot to the city and its residents. Beyond opening up the riverfront, Fraser Mills is a complete community that will provide opportunities to live, work, and explore within the same neighbourhood.

For Richard, a native of Coquitlam, the project holds particular impact and excitement. “Having grown up in this part of Coquitlam, I am thrilled to see the launch of a project we’ve worked so long and hard on.” The enduring commitment that drives the development of Fraser Mills was born from a shared vision for the future: the City collaborated with renowned real estate developer Beedie in a partnership of mutual appreciation and desire for impact.

“Beedie has done some tremendous work over many years to bring this project to life. The family has helped our community and built really amazing projects here in Coquitlam.”

The continued collaboration with the Beedie family is not a new story in Coquitlam’s development history. “Decades ago,” Richard recounted, “Keith Beedie first brought an innovative proposal for an amazing neighbourhood in Coquitlam. They’ve since contributed tremendously to our community, and I have passionate belief and confidence that this is going to be another example of enormous contributions by Beedie to our region.”

City staff and Council alike joined in the vision that Beedie brought to the Fraser Mills site. “We wanted what was proposed to come to fruition,” recalled Richard. The partners both sought a family-oriented neighbourhood right on the river that was a connecting space. “And now, I know our community is really excited to see it taking shape.”

Pride swells when he visualizes the transformative impact of the new community. “Coquitlam is taking its position now as the center of the Lower Mainland. I can already see folks, families, seniors walking up and down the river, hand in hand, perhaps glancing at the boats going by.”

“Since time immemorial,” Richard continued, “the river has been such an important part of this space. The First Nations celebrate the river and its salmon, and today, reconnecting our community to that river means the world to us.”

Undeniably, the Fraser Mills development is significant not just for Coquitlam, but for Metro Vancouver and British Columbia as a whole. It represents a new kind of community – one that connects to the natural elements, contributes amenities to the area and is a destination unto itself. “This is really important to this region,” stated Richard, “to identify places like this that will be excellent, outstanding neighbourhoods with their own services and conveniences.”

As the City of Coquitlam and Beedie join hands to give life to this visionary project, they are crafting an inspiring narrative of innovation, collaboration, and an abiding respect for the natural environment. Fraser Mills represents a reverence for the past, a celebration of the present, and a look forward into a promising future.