Fraser Mills Presentation Centre: Tour The Display Suites


Words Tiffany Ho

Welcome to the Fraser Mills Presentation Centre

Excitement is in the air as we proudly unveil the Fraser Mills Presentation Centre. Located at the entrance of the future masterplan community, this structure by Patkau Architecture stands as the gateway to living in Coquitlam’s future riverfront. We invite you to visit us and explore the space in person. Discover our masterplan scale model, compare home colour palettes and immerse yourself in our two fully furnished display suites.

Fraser Mills Masterplan Scale Model: A Vision Unveiled

At the heart of our presentation centre lies the masterplan scale model, an impressive depiction of our future vision for Fraser Mills. See the intricate planning of the community and harmonious blend of future residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. From serene parks to lively retail hubs, every element has been thoughtfully designed to create a vibrant and connected community.

Fraser Mills Grove Kitchen Vignette
Grove colour palette kitchen vignette

Fully Furnished Display Suites: Envision Life at Fraser Mills

Sleek, contemporary design meets timeless charm with our two fully furnished display homes. Each suite offers a unique glimpse into the possibilities of Fraser Mills living, from one to two bedrooms. Furthermore, explore the Encore-exclusive Grove colour palette through our kitchen vignette. Discover thoughtful home layouts and clever storage solutions as you envision the endless possibilities for your future home.

Fraser Mills River 1-Bedroom Kitchen
Mill colour palette 1-bedroom kitchen

Book Your Appointment Today

Book an appointment at our presentation centre and discover the riverfront lifestyle that awaits you. Our knowledgeable Sales Team stands on location to guide you through the space, from exploring our scale model to touring our stunning display home. With bookings filling up quickly, schedule your appointment online today.

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