Amenities include 16.35 acres of parkland, aquatic centre, wharf, pier, plaza, trails and the planned park amenities.

These amenities will be the heart of the neighbourhood by connecting the community to the waterfront and acting as a focal point for vibrant community-oriented activities.

Nestled on Coquitlam’s only residential waterfront land, Fraser Mills represents the city of Coquitlam’s opportunity to make a big statement on the Fraser River and open it up to the community. With the riverfront design, Fraser Mills will connect neighbours to the north, east and west, including Maillardville, Burnaby, New West and Port Coquitlam to the water. Fraser Mills will offer almost 0.9 km of riverfront walkway and a 13,000sqft refurbished wharf allowing everyone to enjoy the animated riverfront. Most significantly, we are proposing a 48,000sqft riverfront Aquatic Centre, complete with an indoor pool.

Preliminary Artists Depiction

Aquatic Centre

A vibrant purpose built and city owned Aquatic Centre, along with the urban plaza, will open up public access to the waterfront and serve as a community hub and draw all Coquitlam residents to the water.

We are proposing to build a 48,000sqft aquatic centre complete with indoor pool dedicated to the City of Coquitlam for everyone in the region to use.

Shops and Restaurants

Retail, cafes, a grocery store, and restaurants, as well as seasonal programming of farmer’s market and food trucks, will animate Fraser Mills.

Public Plaza

The Fraser River Wharf is 13,000sqft and will be repurposed for public use.

The urban plaza is envisioned to be pedestrian oriented, paved with unique materials, and will include site furniture. The plaza edges will be defined by retail, the Aquatic Centre, and the Fraser River Pier will extend to the Fraser River.

Public Park Space

Amenities include 16.35 acres of parkland, wharf, pier, plaza, trails and the planned park amenities.

Park programming will include both passive and active options within a flexibly designed landscape. The Riverside Linear Park is a new connection that will extend eastward from the urban plaza along the Fraser River.  This will feature opportunities for active and passive recreation, play and art.

Waterfront and Pedestrian Trails

Permanent trails constructed in multiple phases as development proceeds west to east across Fraser Mills.

The Riverfront Park will integrate with the surrounding community through a multi-use trail corridor and promenade along the bank of Fraser River.

Pedestrian and Cycle Crossing

One crossing will be where Como Creek meets the Fraser River, and the other will connect to Brigantine.

This pedestrian and cycling infrastructure will ensure accessibility and ease, and increase connectivity.

Car Share/Transportation

Included in the plan is comprehensive car share, transit passes, cycling infrastructure, and enhanced Transit service to the Braid Skytrain station to strengthen connectivity.

Child Care

Purpose built daycares spaces will be committed to accomodate a daycare provider.


We have planned for an elementary school site in late phases of development.

Public Art

There will be fifteen thoughtfully selected sites for public art installations, which will mark important gateways looking to the past, present and future for inspiration.

Preliminary Artists Depiction
Affordable Housing

We are committed to a $5.8 million cash contribution to the City’s Affordable Housing Reserve Fund and are planning on a significant number of homes to be affordable rental and market rentals.

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